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Research and Development (R&D)

R&D is the key for any pharmaceutical industry. Although there is lot of knowledge in the ancient text of ayurveda R&D is neccesary to make it suitable in todays context. our directors Mr. Daya Shankar Mishra (M.Pharm – Pharmaceutical Chemistry) and Mr. Harshvardhan Mishra (M.Pharm – Pharmaceutical Chemistry) have a team of dedicated scientists.

Strong Research and Development (R&D)

The Company focuses on ongoing R&D, which helps it to achieve two objectives, products up-gradation and development. Over the years the Company has developed a variety of products on the basis of their continued and in depth efforts in R & D. The Herbal and Ayurveda centric products of the Company are the examples of this. These range of products are developed after extensive research on Ayurveda coupled with modern scientific practices.

Otegen Strictly follows GMP norms: The basic on premise in which OTEGEN’s R & D activity is on, are as follow:

  • Authenticity and quality of raw materials.
  • Manufacturing standards as per GMP
  • Quality Control of the manufactured drug
  • Lot of emphasis on hygiene, equipment’s and documentation etc.

Functions of Research & Development include:

  • Identification and classification of herbs with protective, curative and therapeutic properties.
  • Selection of perfect herbal ingredients for using in formulations.
  • Conducting therapeutic and toxicological studies.
  • Formulation of new products and reviewing and upgrading existing ones.
  • Clinical trials on new products.
  • Monitoring time to time optimized utilization of resources.

We commit to deliver authentic and effective ayurvedic medicines that are affordable. For this purpose, the Company has set aside substantial funds to be invested in R&D projects.