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Stonce breaks the stone, cures calculi.

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Nephrolithiasis, renal calculi  are not only painful  but  relapse back frequently.

Renal  tubular acidosis and the resultant nephro calcinosis, leads to

  • Formation of kidney stones
  • Renal stone
  • Renal calculi etc.

Stonce, a comprehensive Ayurvedic formulation having,

Kulthi- a major nephro protective,  traditional healer of Kideny stone.

Varun Chhal – litholytic, diuretic anti inflammatory helps in  spontaneous passage of renal and bladder calculi.

Stonce tab and see also contains  multiple ingredients as diuretics, as stone crusher and anti inflammatory.

Stonce  urinary calculi:-

  • Burning micturition
  • Helps to crush the stone
  • Prevents formation of calculi
  • Expel tiny stones

Stonce breaks the stone, cures calculi.


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