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Paradox Cap and Syp.


Paradox does “SUKRA SUDHAN” by regenerating sex organs.

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Sexual weakness happens on various reasons also leads to various complications,.

Both physical and psychological. Paradox cap and syp. An unique combination of 14 herbs,having specific rejuvinating aphrodisiac action.

Paradox is something  ensure its root at

  •  sexual weakness with poor quality of semen.
  •  sexual non performance  in relation to some past diseases.

Paradox does “SUKRA SUDHAN” by regenerating sex organs.

Degenerative Sex functions leading to

  •  frothy and low viscous semen
  • uncontrolled discharge of semen
  • erectile dysfunctions.
  • Weakness, loss of libido.

All are undesired,

Healthy Body and Healthy mind

Need not be compromised ………….Paradox ensures.


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