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The company’s endeavour is to serve the humanity by producing best quality and efficacious Ayurvedic Medicines is capsule from through rigorous Research work.
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To popularize the 5000 year old system of medicine viz. Ayurveda effectively among the population for their benefit by preserving natural effects of rare herbs as per ancient texts
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R & D

As per the Global GMP norms, OTEGEN is continuously working on the R & D improvement, specially at the level of:- Raw material, Excipients, packing material
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OTEGEN has well qualified, experienced and dedicated professional in all areas including Manufacturing & Marketing of its products throughout India, under the
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Why Ayurveda

Even though the disease is a separate entity, emphasis is given to treat the disease condition by understanding the root cause and duly treating the Doshic variations, by strengthening the body tissues (dhatus). Ayurveda believes that Dosha vriddhi (Doshic vitiation) and Dhatubala haani (diminishing of the strength of the tissues) are the main factors contributing in the manifestation of the disease. Thus treatment of the root cause of the disease is the superiority of Ayurveda.
Though I personally am not ready to say that they are toxicity free or side effect free, I can propose strong argument to the concerned ones to prove that how Ayurvedic herbal or herbo-mineral preparations are much safer and effective in treating variety of diseases.
Ayurveda is the system of medicine practiced from more than 5000 years. So are the herbs and medicines described in Ayurvedic text books. Good rationality can be identified in the line of treatment as well as the formulation designed by the ancient Indian seers. Longer and successful stories surely narrate about the effectiveness of the remedies as well as treatment procedures.

Ayurveda's Benefit

Helps Prevent diabetes100%
Helps Improve High Blood Pressure100%
Building Immunity100%
Getting BetterHIGH
Reducing Stress100%
Cleansing the Body100%

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